Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun n Funky Fabric Leaves

To make these leaves - you will need the following:

-Green Fabric of choice – amount depends on the number of leaves you will be making – you will need 2 pieces the same size to make one leaf (any green fabric will work – I prefer a stripy green batik)
-Fusible Web of choice
-Green Thread to coordinate with your fabric
-Pattern for your leaf shape
Suggestions for patterns for your leaf shape – you can free hand cut your leaves if you want – but here are some other ideas for pattern shapes – clip art, children’s coloring books, cookie cutters, nature (use a leaf from a tree in your yard)

Step #1: Iron fusible web to wrong side of 1 piece of your green fabric – remove the paper and lay the 2nd piece of green fabric –wrong side to fusible – and iron – to make a 2 sided piece of fabric – you could use 2 different fabrics here as well if you want the underside of your leaf be a different color than the top side.
Step #2: Trace your leaf shape on the 2 sided fabric, Cut out just inside the lines.
Step #3: At this point you are ready to add the leaf veins by machine – if you want – start by doing an edge stitch around the entire leaf – not necessary but may be a nice element to the final design. Your choice.

Starting at the bottom of the leaf – on the side you consider the top stitch a line down the center of the leaf – this does not have to be perfectly straight – you can use a regular straight stitch – but I like to use a triple stitch for added vein detail. Stitch over this line 2-3 times until you feel the look of the vein is to your liking. Next (starting from the bottom again) add the side veins to your leaf – using the center line as your means of travel up the leaf – I usually only stitch the side veins 2 times… As you stitch you will see the leaf start to curl slightly – this is was a happy mistake when I made them the first time – but I love the over all affect.
Go to my Web Shots for a Photo Slide Show of the steps to make these leaves.